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Gaylord Hospital – Wallingford, Connecticut


Contract Details

Gaylord Hospital is the first hospital in the State of Connecticut to receive state funding through a grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) for a solar thermal hot water system. Providing the design build services to complete this project was the team of Consulting Engineering Services (CES), the Legacy Mechanical Group (LMG), and Munger Construction.

Gaylord Hospital is the first hospital in Connecticut to install a new solar thermal hot water heating system and is setting an example for healthcare facilities throughout the region. With a construction cost of $550,000, the $323,000 grant received from the CCEF offset the cost tremendously for this non-profit 137 bed hospital. 70 Solarus Evacuated Tube solar hot water panels have been installed at various locations on the roof at the hospital to ensure optimum solar performance. These panels all feed into a 3,750 gallon storage tank from which hot water is then distributed throughout the building.

This system will reduce the annual hot water needs of the facility by an estimated 65%. The installation of these panels and new, energy efficient boilers will also drastically reduce the facility’ soil consumption by about 7,000 gallons of fuel oil per year, an annual emission equivalent of 135,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

Scope of Services

Solar Hot Water System Installation
Engineering Services


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