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Consulting Engineering Services, Inc. – Middletown, CT

  Design Consulting Engineering Services, Inc. Installation Consulting Engineering Services, Inc. Legacy Management Group Muir Electric Size 12,500 s.f. Cost $115,000 Completion Date February 2009 Contract Details Consulting Engineering Services teamed with their sister company LMG and Muir Electric for this designbuild project and successfully completed a new 14kW rooftop PV system with a dual axis solar tracker. The tracker and rooftop system consists of 78 solar panels that will generate approximately 15,000 kwhr a year of power. One of the rooftop panels is dedicated to a new solar hot water system that includes [...]

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Gaylord Hospital – Wallingford, Connecticut

Contract Details Gaylord Hospital is the first hospital in the State of Connecticut to receive state funding through a grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) for a solar thermal hot water system. Providing the design build services to complete this project was the team of Consulting Engineering Services (CES), the Legacy Mechanical Group (LMG), and Munger Construction. Gaylord Hospital is the first hospital in Connecticut to install a new solar thermal hot water heating system and is setting an example for healthcare facilities throughout the region. With a construction [...]

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Bright Horizons Family Centers – CT, NY, MA

Contract Details Bright Horizons Family Centers provide day care services for children from infancy through the young teen years. Each center has very stringent standards for maintaining an attractive facility that provides safe and healthy surroundings, with a specific emphasis on sensitive health related issues. Indoor air quality, non-toxic construction materials and sanitary conditions must be adhered to at all times. LMG serves over 20 Bright Horizons locations throughout Connecticut, Westchester County, New York and the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Scope of Services HVAC Services Painting Services Floor Replacements/ Repairs Carpet Maintenance

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Hampton Elementary School – Hampton, CT

System Design Consulting Engineering Services System Installation Legacy Mechanical Group Size 25,000 s.f. Cost $500,000 Completion Date 2010 This design build project solar thermal project was completed with incentives from Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. This new system was designed to provide 60% to 75% of the domestic hot water demand of the school. The system consists of eight (8) AE 40 solar collectors which were installed in configuration of two drain back systems with 400 gallon storage capacity. A BTU monitoring system was installed to provide detailed information about the solar systems performance. The collected data is [...]

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